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Sweet Body Soaps

EVERBELLA Sweet Body Soaps are an intoxicating and luxurious treatment to your body! Uniquely created with Soy Protein, Vitamin B5 and Rosemary Essential Oil to gently cleanse, soothe and hydrate your skin and pores. Free of Sulphate, Parabens and Gluten, our specially formulated product creates a rich and moisturizing lather that will coat skin to remove deep pocketed toxins. Cleanse your skin without the excessive dry after touch with our premium Body Soaps that provides skin with a supple and nourished finish with every wash!



Handcrafted with love and passion to tingle your senses of sweet tropical fruit, and a splash of tangy pleasure. Each jar is created to moisturize and treat skin that tends to be dry, itchy and...


Beach Plz'

Bursting with citrus and a zesty aroma, stimulate your skin and senses with this power of healing. Delicately hand made using Lemon Butter to treat problematic skin issues and to promote new skin cells...


Brown Suga

Nothing smells better than freshly baked cookies on a sunny afternoon! This sweet body butter is a play of Vanilla Brown Sugar and Coconut Syrup to bathe your skin in velvet passion...



This Lemon Pie perfection is mixed with the highest concentrations of Lemongrass, Tea Tree, and Peppermint Essential Oils to invigorate ...

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Rosè Bar Soap

An incredibly rich and nourishing blend of Goats Milk and Aloe. Rosè Soaps are infused with Pink Himalayan Salt to naturally exfoliate skin to detoxify impurities and promote cell regeneration....


Rum Bar Soap

Clarify and fade blemishes with our invigorating Rum Bar Soap! A combination of African Black Soap and Goats Milk Soap infused with Sage Powder and Neem Leaf Flakes to kill bacteria...


Passion Fruit Bar Soap

A gentle skin loving soap that cleanses without leaving your skin with a harsh dry after feeling. Created using Aloe and Black African Soap, this soap gentle but thorough when cleansing...


Cali Bar Soap

A refreshing smell of citrus lime and lemon, calendula and spearmint! Our California inspired soap will make you feel like your lying on the beach while holding a glass of refreshing lemonade! Meant to treat acne prone and oily skin ...


Rose Quartz Crystal Soap

Each soap contains an earth born crystal to revitalize, recharge and detoxify you of all heavy toxins and replenish your body with Love!