EVERBELLA Sweet Body Rubs are not your usual body scrub! A deliciously sweet scrub that gently removes dead skin cells while softening skin with every use. Pure concentrations of Coconut, Castor, and Sweet Almond Oil, this body scrub will instantly heal, nourish and moisturize all skin impurities and remove patches of dead skin. Each flavor of Sweet Body Rub will reveal glowing and luminous skin!


ViVa is our tropical fruity flavour with a fun brusting smell of lime, orange, lemon and a hint a mint. Meant to freshen the taste buds, open oil glands to stimulate a healthy glow!

ViVa- Sweet Body Rub VV0404

    • After you shower using our Sweet Body Tonic or Tonic Bars. Scoop a generous amount of Sweet Body Rub into your palms, massage into skin in circular motions until crystals melts away. Rinse with warm water until excess product is gone and your skin feels soft and supple.
    • For optimal results: Combine Sweet Body Glow with Sweet Body Rub into hands and massage into skin until both products have buffed and exfoliated skin. Rinse skin with warm water washing away remaining crystals. Lightly towel dry and enjoy smooth, supple soft skin.