Handcrafted with love and passion to tingle your senses of sweet Mango tropical fruit, and a splash of Lime tangy pleasure. Each jar is created to moisturize and treat skin that tends to be dry, itchy and flaky. Infused with Mango butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Lemon Essential Oil and Vitamin E, these ingredients will combat dry skin, eczema and help rejuvenate skin to a natural glow and radiance.

Mango Body Butter - Tango T50110

SKU: T50110
    • Apply a small amount of Sweet Butter into hands, rotate hands until product has melted. Massage into cleansed skin. Repeat until entire body is soothed and protected with butter.
    • For optimal results: Cleanse skin with Sweet Wash or Soap Bars. Lightly pat towel dry, leaving a slight amount of surface moisture.
    • Melt a small amount of Sweet Butter into hands afterwhich mix a little of Sweet Lotion with it until you create a creamy mixture in your hands. Massage into skin until product has been absorbed, wait about 5 mins before putting on clothes, this will seal in a silky luxe feeling.