A calming and reconnecting stone that will help to heal the heart. Rhodinite will dramatically change the emotions and thoughts of a person stuck in fear, anxiety, self deprecation and codependency. This stone aids in healing the heart chakra by nurturing the soul with self love and the compassion needed to forgive past mis-takes and toxic behaviours. Rhodinite will guide us to see the signs to freedom and how to release the guilt that has kept us from moving forward.


Black Jasper, also known as Basanite or the Blackstone is a protective stone. An excellent attribute to our Rhodinite crystal, as Black Jasper will aid in the healing process by protecting you from any intruders. This crystal will help ground your thoughts, keeping them in line with positivity and self love. It will help to sustain awareness and a nurturing energy.


HAMSA HAND charms sheild their owners from harmful doers. Being able to bring about abundance of love, joy, wealth and prosperity.



These hand crafted bracelets can be used within meditations and yoga sessions to bring inner confidence and power.

**Available in a different wrist sizes and made with strong stretch cords.

** Packaged in mesh-bag, dried rosebuds and info cards about each gemstone.

Rhodonite | Black Jasper | Hamsa Hand - Crystal Mala Bracelet

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  • “Japa” is the term for repeating. “Mala” is the term for counting. So when we hear the statement, Japa Mala Beads, they are referring to “repeat counting beads”. The benefits of using Japa Mala Beads in meditations help one to repeat their mantra of intention to ward away distractions. Let your Mantra phrases be of love, positive intentions, decrees, or statements as they are a devotion to Self while meditating.


    To start, place larger bead – base bead beside the smaller charm -  in between thumb and middle finger and repeat the Mantra while sliding to the bead right of the charm. Continue until you have made a complete loop of the beads, be sure to focus on mantra and breath patterns. Complete a smooth rhythm of in-hailation and ex-hailations between each passing of bead.


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