Feel the Sweetest touch from head to toe, as our Plush Sweet Set caresses your skin with a supple kiss!! Packged with:


2oz Mini Lotion

4oz Rub

4oz Butter

+ New Flavor Surpise Product

Plush Set - PS1119

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    • Draw a hot bath with 2 pumps of Sweet Wash. Let sit for a few minutes. ENJOY the sweet steam.
    • In circular hand movements, gently revive and reveal fresh skin with Sweet Rubs.
    • Massage Sweet Lixir in slow motions into the skin to relax the muscles.
    • Kiss back of necks, top of lips, and inside wrists with Liixir Wand.
    • Include Orange Calcite Crystal in center of grids as the focal point. Also carry in pockets, clutches and purses for continual support.