Our new coffee collection has extended to our first ever - Coffee Sweet Soak!


This Sweet Soak has the aroma of your favorite French Vanilla Latte topped with the lovely scent of candied Safflower and Rose sugar mixes!  




Leave in bottom of tub to emulsify in shower, allow feet to relax in heat cleansing bath.  Handcrafted using real dried flowers, herbs, essential oils and Earth created natural ingredients. Drain tub using a strainer. 




Allow the Infusion of the Pink Himalayan Salt and real Fruit Extracts mix together to soothe and soften aching muscles, purify skin irritations, heal body ailments, and elevate your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

French Vanilla - Sweet Soak FV2020

    • Shake Soak bottle well, and pour in to bath tub. Allow warm to hot water to fill up, melt and infuse the Himalayan Salts and specialty mixture into water. Once water is slightly cooler, dip in, enjoy a cup of tea and allow your body to release impurities. After soaking for desired amount of time, drain water using a sink strainer, rinse body using a Sweet Body Soap Bar or Sweet Body Wash.
    • For optimal results: Using a loofah and a Sweet Body Soap Bar or Sweet Body Wash, create a lather and perform a soft exfoliation on your skin. For more intensive exfoliation, use Sweet Body Rubs after soaking for at least 7-11 minutes.