The VaLush Set have arrived!


Feel your freshest, smoothest and most LUSHEST with our exclusive Intimate Body Care line of products meant only for your delicates. 


Our VaLush Set treats ingrowns, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, dryness, flakiness, pH level imbalances and skin irritations. 


Packaged with:

2oz Moisturizing Oil

4oz Refresher Mist 

2oz Lush Rub

Bar Soap or Low-Foam Wash

Travel Bag


Treat your delicates with the LOVE and PASSION it is meant to experience! 


COMING  10.01

VaLush Set - VL21079

    • Take a warm shower using the Cleansing Bar. Lather soap bar into a loofah or wash cloth. Cleanse delicate (vaginal) area until all build up is removed. 
    • Wash remaining body with a loofah and 3 pumps of Sweet Wash.
    • Extract a small amount of Exfoliating Rub into fingers, rub only onto areas of concern, such as dark marks, ingrowns and dry patches of skin.
    • After shower, pat dry delicate area. Then lightly mist Refresher Mist 2-4 times over cleansed and lightly dried area. Wait until mist is fully absorbed into skin. Normally 2-3 minutes of waiting, otherwise pat into skin with fingers until dry. Not meant for internal usage.
    • Warm 2-3 drops of Moisturizing Oil in palms of hands, lightly rub into full delicates area until fully absorbed into skin. Can be used on bum area as well.
    • Now enjoy the comfort of feeling VaLush!