Grab and Share all the signature flavours with our CONFETTI Sweet Set! Packged with:


4oz Tango Rub

4oz Cashmere Rub

4oz Zyfr Rub

4oz Brown Suga Rub


2oz Tango Lotion

2oz Cashmere Lotion

2oz Zyfr Lotion

2oz Brown Suga Lotion

New Flavor Product


Confetti Set - CS1119

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C$52.49Sale Price
    • Draw a hot bath with 2 pumps of Sweet Wash. Let sit for a few minutes. ENJOY the sweet steam.
    • In circular hand movements, gently revive and reveal fresh skin with Sweet Rubs.
    • Massage Sweet Lixir in slow motions into the skin to relax the muscles.
    • Kiss back of necks, top of lips, and inside wrists with Liixir Wand.
    • Include Orange Calcite Crystal in center of grids as the focal point. Also carry in pockets, clutches and purses for continual support.

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