Our Purity Candles are here to stay since the high demand and love for them!! 
Packaged with a Large 4oz and a Palo Santos Insense Stick! 
Or buy ALL 4 Large Flavors as recieve 4 Mini Flavors FREE!
Jazmin - Fresh Butter Cream with a hint of Jazmine
Blossom - White Cherry Blossoms with a hint of Sugar
Yin Bliss - Lavendar Vanilla with hints of Lemon Tea
Yang Bloom - Fresh Morning Cupcakes with a hint of Musk

Herbal Candles - HC2021

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    • Light Candle and place in room which is free from any obstruction and will be visible in plain sight.
    • For heightened clearings, place on a Himalayian Salt block stand.
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