Nothing smells better than freshly baked cookies on a sunny afternoon! This sweet body butter is a play of Vanilla Brown Sugar and Coconut Syrup to bathe your skin in velvet passion.

Infused with high concentrations of Orange Butter, Neem Oil and Vitamin E, each coat of this body butter will penetrate the deepest levels of your skin to provide anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-germicidal benefits while promoting medicinal healing for better looking skin.

Brown Suga - Sweet Body Melts

SKU: 60702
    • Scrap a small amount of Sweet Melt, rotate between fingers or hands until product has melted. Massage into target area(s). Repeat multiple times until area has been coated with Mekt.
    • For optimal results: Cleanse skin with Sweet Wash or Soap Bars. Lightly pat towel dry, leaving slight amount of surface moisture. Melt a small amount of Sweet Melt into hands adding a few droplets of Sweet L'ixir into hands, rotate hands until both products have melted together.
    • Massage into skin until product has been absorbed and sealed in for a locked and luxe feeling. 

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