BELLABox Mini Kit is a package of products and tools that can be used daily or even weekly to recharge your energy to live a clear, energized, and a fully balanced lifestyle.


Each item is hand picked each month specifically matched to the patterns of the cosmos to help you realign your intentions, calibrate your flow, and harmonize your energy.


The Violet Flame BellaBox is meant to remove blackages and restraints, standing strong through challenges.


Compete With:

>Wite Sage

>Palo Santos

>Crystal Love Charm

Violet Flame BellaBox Mini Kit BBMK10110

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  • Each BELLABox comes with a complete guide on how to use each product. Each box includes positive affirmation mantras, body products, crystal jewlery and meditation tools to recharge, rebalance and realign your energy flow!