Sweet Body Potions

Sweet Body Potions are your ultimate skin quencher! Thicker than most lotions, Sweet Body Potions are infused with premium ingredients like Sunflower, Coconut, Almond Sweet Oil and Shea Butter. Formulated to treat skin concerns such as dry flaky skin or pigmentation issues, these customized Sweet Body Potions heal your skin to a velvety-soft surface and moisturized core. Let our Sweet Potions perform magic on your skin!

Mini Sets

Introducing our Tiger Eye | Amazonite | Hamsa Hand Crystal Mala Bracelet! Hand created using 100% genuine crystal gemstones to Empower, Heal, Protect and Connect their owners from harm!

L'ixir & Crystals

Bursting with citrus and a zesty aroma, stimulate your skin and senses with this power of healing. Delicately hand made using Lemon Butter to treat problematic...

Brown Suga Rub

Nothing smells better than freshly baked cookies on a sunny afternoon! This sweet body butter is a play of Vanilla Brown Sugar and Coconut Syrup to bathe...

Spiced Latte Lotion

Our LIMITED edition Cleansing Kit includes all the necessary products and tools for all our Spiritual Healing friends! Enclosed with all the goodies to help clear away negative energy and inspire Love and Connection! Coming Soon to the Store!

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