• Mekisha Banks

The need of Divine Protection

Is it really considered to be woo woo, if you feel the need to #protect your #energy using crystals, mantras or other methods?

I beg to differ! The human race have been using these methods for centuries, but with the evolution of human behaviours its natural for habits to be dropped and forgotten.

Lately, through readings and my intuitions, I have been receiving messages of needing to protect myself, to protect my loved ones and my projects. And to no degree do I believe or care of who in particular is causing me to feel this way. But I do feel the need to share with anyone who may be feeling the same - how to protect themselves from attacks whether they are psychically, emotionally or energetically.

Let's Begin with this simple Ritual

1. Wake Early in the Morning!

Doing rituals first thing in the morning allows you to create a new momentum of positive

intentions that are aligned with how you truly feel and are not under the influences of

others, pent up emotions, or the stresses of the day.

2. Do a Core Workout!

Many underestimate the power of core exercises. It's not about achieving a six pack

abs, it's meant to help stabilize your spine and charge the protection center of your

body. Doing 5-15 minutes of a core exercise will help charge the electrical atoms of

your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, which is responsible for creation, sensuality, will

power, freedom, individuality and protection.

3. Pick a Crystal that resonates with Protection and Shielding.

Crystals are an easy tool that can be carried around or placed in an area where it can

protect you from intruders. Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Labradorite, Citrine and Tiger Eye

crystals are easy to obtain and are very powerful grounding, shielding, creative and

protecting crystals.

4. Light a Candle.

Candles calm and clear the energy around you. This helps to block darker energies or

entities from entering your space as you are filling your aura and space with love and


5. Repeat Mantras of Protection!

Hum positive and empowering songs that lift your spirit and strengthen your core.

Singing or playing harmonics in the back ground help to maintain the energy vibrations

from dipping to a low point and set the tone for the day.

Click here if you need guidance on setting up an alter.

Now let's Clear and Set your Intentions for the Day!

1. Do your core workout for 5-15 minutes. Keep it simple.

2. Place your chosen 1-2 crystals on either the left and/or right side of your

candle. It can be the same crystal or up to two different crystals.

3. Light your candle. White, orange or yellow coloured candles are best for this particular ritual.

4. Play harmonizing music or sit in silence, repeat the following Mantra's:







Repeat each statement 3 times. Take deep breaths in between each spoken mantra.

5. Picture yourself casting a protective purple bubble around yourself.

6. Release a cleansing and appreciative sigh, blow out your candle.

7. Continue your day knowing you are protected.

I hope this day and many more bring you peace, protection and upliftment. Never feel ashamed to practice what feels good.




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