• Mekisha Banks


We know how life can get hectic and stressful! We have kids, work, dinner ....Oh and COVID!

But let's work together to raise our vibrations and make a ripple effect that's worth trying!

Don't worry you don't have to be an experienced yogi or be in a special spot to complete this 5 minute energy switch. However, we do suggest doing this everyday to enjoy a greater impact of its effects. Simply find a place where you can be alone for 5 minutes, you can either do this re-centering exercise in the morning, mid day or right before bed. No matter what, do this when you feel a surge of frustration from a situation!

So let's get going!

1. Imagine yourself surrounded by a blue & violet shield or bubble!

This is casting a protective shield around you. This shield doesn't allow negative energies to come towards you.

2. Breathe deeply and slowly!

You want to slow down the hyper fixations of your body. This is allows for peace to enter into your heart, calm the distractions of your mind and open your spirit to higher assistance.

3. Speak aloud positive affirmations or mantras!

You're confirming to yourself that you are safe and you are capable of overcoming any challenges that present itself!

Repeat the mantras and your rhythmic breath inhalation's until you feel a calm come over you or for a total of 5 minutes. We can guarantee that you will want to fall asleep in a sense of ease and relaxation.

It's ok to not be in control of situations, but it's certainly ok to be in control of yourself, your emotions and your choices!

Here is our suggested mantra for stress:


We hope you enjoy peace today! Keep smiling, grab a cup of tea and just flow!



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