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Hey! Lets Feng Shui!

I’m not sure about you but the last few weeks have passed by like a blur and I finally feel like I’m getting most of my boxes checked off my resolution list. YAYYYYY!

The subtle changes I made completely changed my life.

But don’t get me wrong, the best thing I did for myself was introduce Feng Shui into my life. The subtle changes I made completely changed my overall aura, I have less mood swings - lol, and my home feels more inviting when I get in from work versus a scrutinized eye about the dishes that were left behind.

Let me remind you, I’m not an expert at Feng Shui, I’ve only tippy toed my way into the very surface layers of this very complex art. So, I’ve summed up my research into 3 basic intro steps to Feng Shui.

Ready to start divulging into a better way of living?

Step 1: Find out your Feng Shui Kua Number.

Knowing this number will help you understand your Power Position in your home, meaning – where to position your office desk, bed or stove whether it is to face North, South, etc. This will enable you to bring more positive results into your place of business, home or home office. Many of us, including myself, “could” have had more productivity if we followed the guidance of our Power Positions.

Here are a few Key Points for your Power Position that you have to change immediately:

Be able to see the door from your Power Position. This allows air (energy) to pass through towards you – which means your inviting the good vibes, abundance, and the right people into your life.

Don’t have your bed head against the same wall of your door. Again, ensure you are facing in the direction towards your door. It doesn’t have to be direct alignment, but certainly you’re your bed head instead align with your Love Position.

The emptier space there is within your office or home, you are saying to the universe that you are ready to receive.

Step 2: De-clutter Your Home or Office Thoroughly

I know you can say that you’ve “cleaned” but did you really? Have you gotten rid of the stack of newspapers or magazines that have been sitting on the chair for about 2 years now? Have you shifted planters that no long look like a plant? Have you changed the position of your furniture to clean out the dust underneath it? The emptier space there is within your office or home, you are saying to the universe that you are ready to receive. Clutter is distracting, overwhelming and borderline claustrophobic. And that is the message you’re giving the universe.

Here are a few Key Points for De-Cluttering that you have to take action immediately:

Remove sharp edge objects, these create harsh energy pockets into your aura. Round objects and furniture create harmonic balances within your home. Now, don’t fret and start throwing out your furniture, just add pieces around the larger furniture to manipulate the edges to look soft.

Remove abstract –weird art, pictures and symbols. These images create an emotion, and if that emotion stimulates a negative reaction, it’s best to get it out. Yes, family included!

Add business logos, aspiring quotes, and related visions into your office that will stimulate your mind to believe it is already manifested.

Step 3: Redesign your space with color

This is a “work in progress” for me, because I’m not the best at interior decorating but I can honestly say the little pops of color that I added went a long way!J Start with discovering which of the elements you are trying to empower or bring forth into your home and career. These elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and Wood. Each representing a specific expression. For instance, the Wood element represents vitality, growth and prosperity. Wood elemental colors are variations of green and brown.

Here are a few Key Points for using Color immediately:

Pick up a few color accents, such as table cloths, place mats, ornaments, roses/flowers, or candles. These are inexpensive items that can be bought without any major shifts to your overall décor.

Start taking action on doing a wall color change – Now don’t go over board! I wouldn’t even suggest doing all 4 walls, that might create a different mood and will over power the “chi” you’re trying to create. Start with a one wall that you are able to see from your Power Position and add inspiring pictures for balance.

So beautiful souls, that’s it! A quick run down on how to get started with Feng Shui. It may seem like a woowoo type of subject but it’s worth giving a try to help your overall health, wealth and prosperity.

Don’t forget to sage and set with your home with intentions when your done!

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