• Mekisha Banks

3 Steps to Sole Salvage!

Let's be REAL... cracked feet ain't cute or stylish!

It's hard enough trying to find a pedicurist who knows how to finesse feet in the ways we can appreciate! So why not go over a few things we can do at home to salvage our soles!

1. For Starters…are you cocktailing or individually using your products?

In previous posts we talked about mixing ratios that can be interchanged or altered based on your skin texture and needs. As many textures of skin need more than a lotion to keep them hydrated for more than 24 hours, cocktailing your products will encourage a longer period of hydration and protection.

A few suggestions:

Butter + Lotion (Max Hydration and Lock)

Scrub + Lotion (Light Hydration)

Lotion + Oil (Max Hydration with Shine)

Oil + Butter (Max Hydration with Shine)

Based on how long your skin takes to dry out, change cocktails to find the perfect fit. :)

2. Are you wearing socks when you get out of the shower?

We all have the tendency to just get on with our day and sadly, we forget to realize our feet need love too! By simply wearing socks after applying your cocktailed products will make your skin feeling lush and silky for hours!

Keep that routine up for one week to see a massive transformation!

3. You can buff too!

Stop waiting for someone to buff your feet! Just pick up a $5 buffer from any local store, and get scrubbing! Prolong your next service by buffing your soles once or twice per week with a very light scrub in the shower. Don't get us wrong - we love the feeling of someone else doing it for us!

But why not save on time and money by doing it yourself a few times and look great going out this summer!

We hope these 3 major tips to saving your soles helped! Have any questions, drop a line below, share with your community and subscribe for alerts and membership discounts!

Love & Light,



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