• Mekisha Banks

A RE-New You!

It has come upon us, a new year, new set of goals, another year to try and do better than the previous years.

2018 came with many lessons, challenges and opportunities to grow.

We were able to discover what didn’t belong and what needed to be confronted in order to move forward to our awaiting destinies. Thus making 2018 our hardest year, but leading us to 2019 that will be the fruits to our labour.

Be excited to receive the abundance this year brings, a year of prosperity and manifestation that you’ve worked hard for. The beauty of numerology is that you get to understand what each year symbolizes, gain insights to the individual and combined number alignment.

Universal Spiritual Law states when the numbers broken into individual numbers, the number 9 represents the closure, an ending to a goal and the number 1 symbolising the beginning of it’s new chapter.

Letting us see the significance of the number 19 as good fortune, because what was once a year of suffering will now

birth into success, progression and awakening.

However, sitting back and hoping for this good fortune to touch our life is not enough. Being open to receive requires more than a statement, it’s a state of mind and soulful willingness to look past all the illusions that will present itself right before the door opens to abundance.

It is a Universal requirement from the Divine that you continue to love yourself in order to believe that you are worthy of what’s waiting for, otherwise it will pass you by.

Prior to our next article that outlines “Healthy Choices for a RE-New You Year”, start with 2 simple things:

1). Get yourself a daily planner: Outline your daily regimes and set your end of month goals for the next 3 months.

2). RE-move 2 unhealthy habits from your diet: RE-lease toxic foods from your day starting with the miscellaneous snacks.

Universal Spiritual Laws also urge us to know, in order to

RE-ceive we must RE-lease.

Happy Blessed New Year Hummingbirds!

See the unseen that awaits you.



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