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How To Create Your Personalized Alter

Home Alter, Buddha,

About a 2 decades ago “man caves” were a house hold name. Now, these typical rooms are being replaced by “home alters” or “meditation spaces”. What is this telling society? –

People are more in tuned with their internal connections then they are with the virtual realities around us.

So what’s the big hype about home alters or meditation spaces? - they allow a person to break away from the demands of their outward lives and come to a peaceful reunion with their internal spirit. These benefits go beyond decorative reasons because you can create them based on what your attracted to, such as; sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. But why the different names? – Simply because “Alters” refers to the term “a place of worship”, where you give praise to what gives you joy, however this word steams from a religious place. Where as the term “meditation” is more spiritual, looking within to find internal peace. Ultimately, both terms signify the same idea, a place of peace.

So let’s get started on “Creating Your Own Personalized Home Alter/Meditation Space”!

What’s important is that you find items that can relate or represent the 5 senses, because we will be resetting them to a neutral or positive state.

Starting with:


  • Find an appropriate place in your home that appeals to you visually, this doesn’t have to be a large area, it can be a corner of a room or maybe you only have a table space area or a window sill. What you need to find are now decorative pieces that also attract joy in your heart such as vivid colored images/pictures, plants, Buddha pieces, or crystals.




Buddha, Inscense


  • To also help balance the energy vibrations around and within your temple, it is best to invest in a Tibetan Singing Bowl or a Crystal Singing Bowl. These will be used to begin and close your ritual or meditation, as they can clear or raise energy levels. Otherwise, you can play these mimic sounds from a device, (but turn phone onto airplane mode in order to avoid interruptions)

Meditation Singing Bowls


  • To help calm the body especially after long days of work, purchase body detoxifying teas, such as green teas, black teas and floral teas. This will remove accumulated toxins and sugars from your system. ​

Herbal Tea

Creating personalized home spaces has proved beneficial to a persons overall MIND. BODY. SPIRIT.

They help to transmute your energy to release the negatively charged electrons that taint your aura, and allow a clear pathway to receive answers from your guides.

I hope this guide helps you build a safe place and finds you peace in your home. You are a beautiful being, and you deserve the opportunity to reset and refresh in order to live a healthy, peaceful but fruitful life.



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