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The Power House Healer - Geode

These mystery large crystals have been used in cultural rituals for decades, celebrated for their unique cores that are never alike another. These beautiful Healing Crystals bestow love, passion, harmony and insightfulness to their owners.

"Choose based on the connection you feel..."

Made from rich Earth metals and minerals, Geodes are usually discovered in marshes around Volcanic Mountains. As each Geode is different, it’s important that the owner choose based on the connection you feel when picking one. Geodes receive their fame based on their cores, the sharp triangular shapes mixed with hues of different colors create a unique center which is the connecting element to their owners Third Eye Chakra.

"aid in the deepening of the connection"

The large size of Geodes help to create a larger flow of Chi energy and healing benefits in the areas of your home, office or rooms. While doing crystal healing rituals, using Geodes in meditations will aid in the deepening of the connection to the spiritual world and allow an easier flow of communication with spiritual beings.

Normally the cavity is scene in the forms of an Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Citrine, however the varieties now are endless!

"store your Geodes, are in alters, meditation rooms"

Best places to store your Geodes, are in alters, meditation rooms, near a window, or in a place that holds a calming aura. As well, refer to this article on the different methods to clear their absorbed energy.

Keep in mind, placing Geodes centered to your body in your meditations really help to calm and focus your attention on it’s beauty and assist in elevating your energy frequency. Our Summer Heart Chakra #BELLABox now contain a Rose Quartz Geode and Amethyst Crystal to go along with your meditation products such as Palo Santos cones, Sage in-scents and Herbal teas.

Try using Geode Crystal Healing methods and give some feedback on how your experience was.

In Love and Light


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