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How To Store Your Crystals

Crystal Storage

Storing your crystals comes as an important topic but very rarely are spiritualists informed that they should store their crystals separate from each other based on the type.

So the question is, which crystals should stay away from each other, and what can happen if they are close to each other?

For instance, some crystals attract abundance towards the beholder, and some crystals have protective properties. So ideally the ones that are meant to shield and protect the holder from darker entities can and will block the attracting properties of other crystals. Crazy Right?!?!

I find this astonishing because you wouldn’t think this would happen, but unfortunately your crystals are not able to distinguish the energy frequencies that are emitting from another crystal, so instead it does its’ job and blocks all energy flows that are outside of the holder.

Similar Crystals Stored Together

In order to not confuse your crystals or the frequency you’re projecting, it is best to wear similar crystals of the same nature together!

And store such crystals of the same nature in the same compartments, this will allow the energy flow to be in sync and to not clash. For example; Citrine, which is stimulating, strengthening and empowering, has similar attributes to the Tigers Eye, which also emulates self confidence, will power and unwavering focus. Keeping the two crystals together will create a power house of intention that is about determination, work ethic, focus, and confidence on your purpose.

However, storing or wearing Citrine and Blue Lace Agate together, these two would clash, as Blue Lace Agate is about calming and soothing the beholder. Keeping your energy flow to a subtler frequency. This combination would not serve an accurate purpose as they would negate each other.

And Don't Forget! Head over to our previous blog post on removing the accumulated energy your crystals absorb, as this too disrupts the frequency your crystals are trying to project!

If you have questions of which type of crystals you should purchase or need to support certain concerns you may have, please refer to our previous post on Crystal Healing. It will provide you with some great information on how to get started, which ones are good for different Chakra gateways and how to use them while meditating.

Otherwise, please leave a comment below if you still have questions about crystal storing or usage.

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