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Smudging 101: Crystals and Yourself

Unless you had a great grandmother or grandfather to inform you of the principles and benefits of energy clearing, it would easily confuse anyone of how to release unwanted energies the right way. When using crystals on a regular basis you must clear the absorbed energy it collects after time. If your wondering which types of crystals you should purchase if you don’t have any, please click here to be directed to our previous blog post on “Crystal Healing”.

However, the question still remains, what are the best ways to clear the energy of your crystals and yourself without getting confused. So let go through them!


Using this oddly looking bundle of leaves is one of the best ways of completely resetting the energy in your space and crystals. Smudging removes all good and bad energies, yes I said good, from your environment. The best part is, this allows you to establish the energy you want to have but unfortunately, it does remove some of the good energies that help to balance other negative energies. But remember, having too many high and low energies at the same time can create havoc and chaos which will result in unproductivty, head aches, out lashes and mood swings.

Keep in mind, there are also different types of Smudge bundles. As they are made with different types of leaves, each type will produce different strengths of clearing. For instance, White Sage would be one of the strongest at clearing away heavier energies since they produce a stronger scent and a thicker smoke. Sweet Grass, Lavender and Cedar leaves, are a little gentler with their clearing, as the smoke and smell they produce is lighter in density. While you will also see floral additions such as white, pink, yellow and red roses within the bundles. These additional floral pieces will help curb the strength of the burning smell and also add a touch of feminine energy after the purification process.


This “Holly Wood” can be scene in a stick or cone format. However, the wooden stick is said to be the original Palo Santos as the cone is made from the saw dust after cutting the sticks into shape. Palo Santos gives off a very beautiful sweet scent, attracting more people to opt for the stick as it also lasts longer and can be used multiple times. Cone or stick, this way of clearing energy has multiple benefits such as raising energy vibrations, keeping good energy spirits over the bad ones, and allowing easy flowing meditation sessions.

Now because Palos Santos raises your energy levels, it’s best to light it right before you’re in need of a creative boost, or when your working on material that needs that extra touch!

Either of these rituals are good for clearing the energy from your crystals, however it would be best for you to use the Palo Santos for day to day clearing, and use Sage Smudging for Full Moon resets. As most crystals tend to shield and protect the wearer from many intrusions, it would be best for you to reset energies with White Sage leaves often.

Lastly, the other type of energy clearing rituals that are best for yourself and your crystals will be Full Moon resets. Because Full Moons represent the process of heightened creativity and connection with source, it is best to clear your temple and crystals of old heavy energies that could possibly be blocking you from insightful guidance, inspiration, and heightened creativity.

To do this Full Moon reset, first clear the energy within and around yourself and crystals by Smudging using the White Sage leaves. Then place all crystals from lightest to darkest (or in chakra energy groups) on a window ledge where they will be exposed to the Full Moon light. While your crystals are being reset, light your Purity Chakra Candles and incents to enjoy an enhanced therapeutic meditation.

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In Love in Light!


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