• Mekisha Banks

The Atma!

Hello #EVERLoves,

How many layers have you unveiled!

The beauty of any flower, are they're endless layers of petals that grow unveiling further layers of intricate beauty and mystery.

This is what each and every being posses within them, an ever growing being who continues to unveil the beauty they truly are!

Usually at this time of the year where people are typically anxious for winter to finally leave it's trail of seeds behind, the thought of spring blossoming it's crops tends to rattle the patience levels of individuals.

Loving yourself and recognizing the beauty of your inner flower, helps soften the edges of your interactions with people... strengthen your ability to with stand confrontations, and ease your mind to allow energy to pass through you without attaching yourself to it.

Infinite growth of self-love and love for others is what universal beauty represents and what needs to be further developed.

So as everything continues to move around, within, and through us, unveil only the truth, the infinite and the finite.

In Love and Light....

Jai Ma


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