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Why Himalayan Pink Salt?!?

Himalayan Pink Salt

The word has spread about the numerous benefits Himalayan Pink Salt can do for our health, but the question is- to what extent.

Lets start with some history; naturally we expect that most “natural” sources have been tainted in some way from pollution or man made toxic environments. However it’s not the case this time around! This power ingredient actually has been harboring under tectonic plates and pressure for over 300+ million years without a single disturbance. Being within those conditions allowed this natural ingredient to create a structure unique to itself that contain a variety of trace minerals and elements that are highly beneficial to our body, skin and overall health.

So how can this be beneficial to our skin?

After creating some of my own personal products using this natural ingredient, I can positively say that my skin has experienced many things it has never experienced before. These experiences vary from soft skin, reduction in skin scales, brightness due to proper circulation and skin tightening from the removal of dead and dry skin.

These phenomenal transformations started when I added a few pebbles into my Body Tonic (Body Wash). After about two showers using my mixture my skin felt refreshed, not overly dry, and appeared much brighter. Because of these results I choose to expand each line starting with my Tango Body Rubs. Normally I would use Cane Sugar because it has great benefits but it just didn’t fit well with the ingredients and color I had envisioned for Tango’s soft pink tropical flavor.

Tango Body Butter

That’s when I decided to try Himalayan Pink Salt, and boy howdy was I shocked to see how well the ingredients danced with each other! It’s almost as if they were waiting for one another – LOL! Once I finish exfoliating my skin, instantly my body showed off plumpness, a glowing hue and an extremely silky finish due to the oils from the scrub mixed with my bodies natural oils.

Because Himalayan Pink Salt is known for it’s miraculous ways of detoxifying pores without affecting the natural pH level of the skin. I knew for sure I had to include it into my products. After being in the beauty industry as an Aesthetician and Hair Stylist for so long, I witnessed my skin being tarnished by so many products that were very harsh and always dehydrating. So naturally I wanted to ensure my scrubs were going to do the opposite of what was on the market.

Cake Body Rub

Other great discoveries I noticed from using Himalayan Pink Salt in my Body “Lixir (Body Spray - soon to be released), is the improvement of blood circulation. By refreshing the skin with my customized Essential Oil Floral Himalayan Salt Water, there has been a significant boost in cellular growth. From pigmentation balancing to overall blemish lightening, you can count on an increase in skin cell reproduction due to the stimulation in red blood cells.

I’m truly happy that I was nudged by my higher guides to try something slightly different in a few of my products. As it’s very important to me that I make products that counteract different skin concerns and help you find a healthy and natural solution without the use of synthetic ingredients.

I hope your M I N D. B O D Y. S P I R I T. benefit from using EVERBELLA products and that you live FOR EVER BEAUTIFUL.

More Product Ingredient Posts To Come!

In Love and Light!

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