• Mekisha Banks

The Power of Love!

Rose Quartz Crystals!

Are you aware of the Power of the Rose Quartz?!?

Hey #EVERLoves, I hope your blessed and enjoying your journey of life and love! But if you’re not, have you thought of why and what could be stopping you from enjoying all the wonderful offers from the universe? Well I have something to you share with you! It's called the Rose Quartz Crystal! If you're familiar with Crystal Healing, well done you're one step in the right direction! If you’re not, well your in for a treat! Crystal Healing methods have been around for centuries and have proven to benefit your mind, heal body ailments, uplift your energy, attract positivity and balance auras in your environment! If your not familiar with Crystal Healing methods or your interested but don't know where to start, click on the link for the Step by Step guide!

This peace loving crystal is a true representative of love, forgiveness and beauty. An important and must have crystal for those who are in need of balance and want to restore peace in their life. This crystal can be scene in many forms of soft pink with clear to pale or transparent white hues. It is also created in a polished or raw form. Because this Crystal in is tune with your Heart Chakra, it would be best to wear it near your heart in order to amplify its vibrations of love, purity, and peace for your interactions with other people. Having this crystal in a bracelet will help regulate your feminine and masculine balances as putting this bracelet on your right hand will soften your intentions and help amplify your gifts of love when shaking hands and interacting through touch. Also by keeping this crystal on the left side of your bed, peace of the mind and healing of the heart through your sleep this loving crystal will be magnified! – So no crazy sleep nights! :)

So my #EVERLoves don't under estimate the power of LOVE using the Rose Quartz, as you may find yourself singing and dancing songs of love every where you go!

Stay Tuned for this New Moons #BELLABox as it will be the very first Heart Chakra Box! Many items will include A 12 Week Meditation Self Improvement Book, Palo Santos and Incents Sticks, Herbal Teas, Exclusive EVERBELLA Products, Chakra Candles, Crystals and many more Energy Healing Products!

I hope you attract more ABUNDANCE, LOVE, and PEACE today!

Jai Ma!



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