• Mekisha Banks

The Itchy and Scratchy Show!

Instantly when the colder weather comes around we get this feeling of tiny ants creepy over our body biting the crap out of our skin! And we can’t help wondering, “did I moisturize my skin after getting out of the shower?” And the answer is – Yes!

So what is making our skin so dry and unbearable underneath our clothing? Can it be the material, type of lotion, diet, weather, soap?

Well my friends there are so many factors but we can truly narrow down the issue to two major considerations, products and application. Firstly - the products we use in the winter must be different from what we use in the summer, because the humidity, temperature and air pressure are polar opposites between these two seasons. Typically, the products we use in the summer are thinner in consistency, do not contain heavy emollients and are water based, because our skin secretes more oil and sweat in the summer time, so we don’t require heavy products to protect it from the environment.

So naturally we need to use products that are thicker in consistency, oil based and is packed with healthy emollients to coat and protect our skin from the colder weather climate. Butters, creams and balms will be our best choices, and they should be packed with heavier natural ingredients. Such ingredients can vary from; shea butter, mango butter, kokum butter, hemp seed butter, lemon butter and many more. These raw butters are rich in anti-oxidants, have anti-inflammatory and anti-germicidal properties, are UV ray protecting, and contain many vitamins like A, C and E.

Other ingredients to be aware of is Alcohol. Depending upon the type, some alcohols play an important part in moisturizers like viscosity, absorption, formula thickening and skin conditioning. The favourable and skin loving alcohols are natural and are derived from coconut oils, and should only be used in very small quantities.

Now my friends it’s about the application! Using only lotion, which is typically manufactured with mostly alcohol from the big brands, this will dry out the skin because there isn’t enough of a barrier product to prevent moisture loss. What I mean is, either mixing your lotion with a butter or layering them will keep most of the absorbed moisture within the skin. I find either of the applications very beneficial, however it is good to try both ways to see which your skin prefers most!

While creating my products, it was my utter most GOAL to create versatile products that can be mixed, layered, or individually used and still provide you with ultimate protection and moisture. Each flavor of EVERBELLA butters are handcrafted using natural ingredients like the raw butters, essential oils, and dried herbs. The unique combination of these ingredients directly combat individual skin issues like, dry, itchy, irritated, inflamed, uneven pigmentation and many other skin concerns.

So to conclude my #EVERLovely friends, if your suffering from the relentless itchy and scratchy show of winter, give your skin the break by trying new products that do more and last longer! Click on the link to try our sample pack that gives you a taste of each product, including a step by step guide on how to use each product for maximum results!

Stay Warm and Lovely #EVERBells

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