• Mekisha Banks

Cleansing For A Better Future!

Uncompleted Tasks!

What is more discouraging? The fact you need to get many projects complete and you feel you are running out of time, or the fact that you seem stuck in the exact same spot for so long and are going in circles.

I think we can all agree this happens to most of us, and the problem is we can’t seem to find the solution.

These feeling of defeat has happened to me countless times, but never have I found myself swallowed in the guilt of not moving forward. Instead, I accept the answers are currently not present because I’m not ready to receive them. Not that I’m not worthy of the answer, but not ready to receive "it" at that particular moment.

The unfortunate part is many of us feel that because we put our request into the universe, we are meant to have it immediately. When in fact, to get the things we are calling into our life, they have to be attracted to us because we embody it.

Time To Cleanse!

There have been many times I know I would like to receive something, so I go through a full preparation process in order to receive it. I prepare my surroundings by clearing out any old items that hold no purpose in my life. This could be, furniture, books, clothes, or any other non useful items.

Then I clean my environments of dust, debris, dirt or other habitual left overs. After I have done this clearing, I would place new items of inspiration and refreshing scents. This could be paintings, magazine clippings, calendars, figuring’s, candles, and incents. This practice is periodically called “Spring Cleaning”, but why only do this once a year when we all know energy tends to linger?

Believe it or not, this clearing process changes the circumstances of your life in more than just one way. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually you will embody the “Can Be”, “Will Be”, and “What Is” possibilities.

If there seems to be some uneasiness or anxiousness still within you, this is a sign of further clarifying needing to be done.

I hope this will help you identify and understand the meanings to your mood swings, stuck and restless emotions, and why you may be experiencing plateaus in your goal paths. For further information of Chakra Clearing Methods, please stay tuned to our next blog posts!

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