• Mekisha Banks

Supermoon means Superfun!

Superman in the Gemini Zodiac!

Hello #EVERLoves,

I'm not sure about you, but I'm super excited about this Sunday's Supermoon!

More so because it will be shinning bright in my sign - Gemini! It is said it bring up a lot of mixed emotions, unpredictable behaviour of others, and bring up many hidden truths that have been tucked away for quite some time.

As gemini's tend to be very emotional like this already, it is encouraged for us to slow down and enjoy the moment. Because we live on the go most of the time, it will be in our favour to enjoy the emotions and high energy of others surrounding this Supermoon. Take time to understand the people you are interacting with, as they may communicating very important information you may need to hear.

Year 2017 was marked as the year of "new beginnings", new endeavours, new relationships, new careers and etc. Now that 2018 is upon us, it is only best that we conclude this year with major reflection of what we have accomplished and what can we be humble and proud of going into our next year!

Really embrace this time to celebrate as you have made it through a challenging year of new and old crossing paths. Each lesson you have faced was an opportunity for you to understand and grow individually and through others as well to see your value, trust your intuition and love those who stood by your side!

Tomorrow, be Love and See Light!

Jai Ma!

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