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Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing tends to freak out some individuals because there seems to be this stigma of feeling like an 18th century witch! However, lets keep it real everyone! We need to understand that many great things for us have been over shadowed by Social Media and our new modern way of living!

So let’s go back and understand the importance of crystal healing and what are the benefits from practicing it!

From medicine men, shamans and different types of healers, crystals were used in many positive ways as they possessed abundant amounts of power. These powers include protective properties, healing energies, communicative gateways, and supportive mind-body balances.

Crystal healing correlates with your bodies Chakra points. Each point represents a specific area within your body that is tied to your spirit. If any of your Chakra points are imbalanced, crystal healing can be used to remove these heavy toxins and rebalance the energy flow.

To start the healing process we need to first look at which Chakra(s) are out of balance, identify which crystal is needed to heal ourselves and then choose the appropriate method to optimize the healing power.

Our 7 Chakra Points:

CROWN CHAKRA: Representing our direct connection with our higher spirit. Our source of our spirituality and gateway to an energy field that is beyond our understanding. This chakra point imbalanced will give us a feeling of being lost, ungrounded in who we are and not knowing what our true purpose is.

TREATMENT: Because this Chakra is symbolized with the violet color. You will want to find crystals that are in these shades. Crystal like Amethyst, Arogonite, or Clear Quartz will help unblock stuck energies. Spend time meditating and dreaming to allow yourself to reconnect with the spirit realm

THIRD EYE CHAKRA: Representing our sight, and how we perceive the world. It is the central hub that decodes our thoughts, beliefs and interactions with others. As we trust our inner connected guidance with spirit, we can begin to interpret the difference between our truths and illusions within our inner realms and external worlds using our keen third eye. When this chakra is imbalanced, you will suffer from headaches, you will be confused, and not able to focus on one thing at a time.

TREATMENT:  This chakra is represented with the indigo or navy blue color crystal. Using crystals of that color nature will bring the user clarity and guidance. These colors represent a clear sky, an unblocked channel to your higher realm. Regular meditation sessions are encouraged using these crystals placed in the center of the forehead or within hands. Crystals like Tanzanite, Sodalite, and Fluorite can be used.

THROAT CHAKRA: Representing our voice within us. It allows us to speak our truth without shame or guilt. When balanced we will be able to have easy flow of our thoughts, ideas and expressions. Because our deepest desires come from our Sacral chakra and through our solar plexus, our freedom of creation is boundless and limitless. However, if there is an imbalance or blocked energy flow, we will feel threatened, fearful and isolated from one another and our higher source.

TREATMENT: Light shades of blue crystals work well with the throat chakra as it keeps the pathway lit with soft light hues to provide a relaxed state. While darker shades of blue will ignite the power of truth and communication. Crystals like Blue Lace Agate, Azurite, and Aquamarine are an excellent choice to help with calming your throat chakra in addition to listening to soothing melodies

HEART CHAKRA: Representing our connection with heaven and earth. It regulates our connections and interactions with our external world such as our relationships with others, nature and being receptive to change within ourselves in order to grow. It helps us balance the needs and demands of our relationships, and helps us understand our self worth. When this chakra is out of balance we will tend to sabotage our relationships, doubt the intentions of the people around us, and become cold towards anyone who gets too close.

TREATMENT: The heart chakra is represented by the color green but at times pink crystals can be used as well. Using scent and sound therapies, this energy flow can be restored by allowing self love to come through its center. Meditation with crystals held over the heart will help the vibrational pull into the heart center in order to help magnify the energy of love! Crystal like Green Aventurine, Bloodstone, and Rose Quartz are great considerations!

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: Representing the distribution center of our chakras. It controls the balance of our energy with our body. It aids in digestion of minerals, nutrients and foods in order to help balance our physicality but to strengthen our immune and digestive systems. When this chakra is out of balance you will suffer from fear in all aspects; fear of disappointment, fear of isolation, fear of others deception and fear of being fearful.

TREATMENT: The most important way to regain balance in this chakra is to eat clean and detoxify the body. Cleansing the body of toxins will greatly improve the blood flow of the systems and rid them of any heavy impurities that are impairing the body from it’s necessary functions. Regular meditation using yellow crystals over the rib cage will help boost the restoration of energy and balance the flow of each system. Crystal like Citrine, Yellow Jasper, and Tigers Eye is some of the most powerful crystals to be used with remarkable results!

SACRAL CHAKRA:  Representing the center of our secret temple, the life force, where our life flows out of the sacral chakra point. It controls the information that is transmuted from our body to our mind and vice versa. Allowing us to represent who we truly are or want to be, and not shun away from our strength. When our sacral chakra is out of balance we will manifest the opposite of our desires, repress our true feelings, and shy away from relationships that help us express our sensual side.

TREATMENT: To ignite the balance in this chakra, get active. Try doing something that you would not normally do and get out of your comfort zone. Being involved in creative activities that push your playful side to come out will help reconnect the flow of energy. Using orange or gold crystals will help bring forth the light within you and restore your sense of belonging and appreciation of life. Crystals like Gold Apatite, Sunstone, and Carnelian stones will help regain balance.

ROOT CHAKRA: Representing the base and foundation of the physical and spiritual connection with our Mother Earth. This connection will give us the sense of feeling grounded in who we are and stimulate the strength within us to take action of our dreams. It will provide the feeling of security, comfort, safety and loyalty. When this chakra is out of balance you will have the feeling of being weak, unworthy, low enthusiasm, and dependant of others.

TREATMENT: Go into nature, feel connected with something outside of yourself like Mother Earth. Taking a nature walk, yoga meditation, and physical activities will help restore our balance and strengthen our spine. Practice sitting and standing up straight will help us feel confident and more grounded with our purpose and focus. Using brown, black and red colored crystals will aid in restoring our connections from reality. Crystals like Chestnut Jasper, Smoky Quartz, and Black Tourmaline are best used for reconnection and balance healing methods.

Now I invite you to really take this time to listen to your body and find the discomforts. Where do you feel tightness or dis-ease. Don't let this pain go on for too long! Take action right away to restore and repair your connections!

Jai Ma Everyone! 

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