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Welcome and Thank you for your participation in EVERSave! We are so proud to be able to offer our support in the movement of helping reduce our footprints in environmental wastage. Did you know that the Cosmetic Industry produces over 121 billion units of cosmetic packaging each year, yet over 50% of it can not be recycled?

So I told myself that if I were going to sell products that improve the well being of another person, I will not compromise on my integrity and abuse the Earth in the mean time!  Thus the creation of the EVERSave program, allowing each member to send back their completely used and lightly damaged jars and bottles for reuse

To take advantage of this program, you will be given the option at the bottom of your purchase to include a Comment Request for a “Return Slip”. The Return Slip will provide you the opportunity to send back a maximum of three large size product containers, in exchange of EVERCoins or a FREE Sample of a chosen product.

But don’t worry, the reuse of jars and bottles are completely safe and harmless to your well being! After extensive research and proper precautions, each EVERBELLA product jars and bottles are thoroughly disinfected and sterilized for continuous reuse. 

Click here to know how you can earn EVERCoins and how they can benefit your shopping experience.