Earn Your Coins!

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FREE Products with Love Coins!

Nothing feels better than earning money while your spending money! All EVERLove members get the unique privilege to earn EVERCoins with every purchase! The purpose of EVERCoins is to pay you so that you can get more out your money and the ability to try other products for FREE!

Each EVERCoin has a value of $1.00, and can be used towards your new purchases. To earn EVERCoins, your orders must balance out to a minimum of $15.00 per transaction prior to additional taxes or fees. And for every $3.00 after that initial total, you will earn 1 EVERCoin!

Once you have collected a minimum of $5.00 in EVERCoins, just indicate how much EVERCoins you would like to apply to your purchase, along with your membership code, in the “Comments Request” area!

For your EVERCoins total updates, please send an email to info@everbella.ca!

Enjoy shopping EVERLoves!