Our Sweet Catalog



EVERBELLA Sweet Body Butters are specially formulated with all natural ingredients and are free of parabens, water and silicones. Made with Almond Sweet Oil, Organic Butters and essential oils, each custom made Sweet Body Butter will correct, moisturize and hydrate your skin to the deepest layers. Delicately air-whipped for instant restoration and quick absorption in the skin. All Sweet Body Butter flavors provide consistent nourishment that will repair, protect and soften skin throughout the day.



EVERBELLA Sweet Body Rubs are not your usual body scrub! This delicious sweet scrub gently removes dead skin cells while softening skin with every use. Pure concentrations of butters, oils and herbs such as Coconut and Castor oil, Lemon and Mango butter, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils allow for instant healing and nourishment.  Each flavor of Sweet Body Rub will reveal glowing and luminous skin!

Sage Smudging Bundles are NOW in the _ev


Our Sage Smudging - BELLABox Love Set is a collection of intimate energy elevating products and Earth elements that are recreated every month to cater to the universal flow of life. Using refined healing methods, each box includes a specifically designed product that will restore the electrical balance and relationships between our physical, spiritual and mindful well being.



EVERBELLA Sweet Body Lotions are your ultimate skin quencher! Thicker than most, Sweet Body Lotions are infused with premium ingredients like Sunflower, Coconut, Almond Sweet Oil and Shea Butter. Formulated to treat skin concerns such as dry, flaky or pigmentation issues. These customized Sweet Body Lotions heal your skin to a velvety-soft surface and moisturized core. Let our Sweet Lotion perform magic on your skin!



EVERBELLA Sweet Body Melts is your favorite moisturizer in a mini balm! Designed to protect skin, cuticles and lips from drying, chapping and peeling. This hard lotion in a tin will keep your skin feeling supple, smooth and sealed! Infused with natural Beeswax, Vitamin A and E, Castor and Almond Sweet Oils, Sweet Body Melts and Melt Bars provide all day protection and a silky smooth touch!



EVERBELLA Sweet L'ixir Fragrance Oils, are your perfect long lasting perfume in a bottle. Handcrafted only using Carrier Oils, Essential Oils, and Fragrance Oils. Our L'ixir is designed to last up to 6-8 hours without reapplication!



EVERBELLA Sweet Body Soaps are an intoxicating and luxurious treatment to your body! Uniquely created with Soy Protein, Vitamin B5 and Rosemary Essential Oil to gently cleanse, soothe and hydrate your skin and pores. Free of Sulphate, Parabens and Gluten. Our specially formulated product creates a rich and moisturizing lather that will coat skin to remove deep pocketed toxins. Cleanse your skin without the excessive dry after touch with our premium Body Soaps that provides skin with a supple and nourished finish with every wash!



Relax and Detoxify your body using our soothing and softening Sweet Soaks. Handcrafted using Pink Himalayian Salt Rocks, Real Dried Flowers and Herbs, Essential Oils, and Natural Fragrance Oils. Stimulate your body in a hot steaming shower or bath. Quickly after, seal in all the released moisture with our Sweet Butters for a longer lasting result.



EVERBELLA Candles are the light in your dark spaces! Handcrafted using Sage and Palo Santos Oils, real Himalayan Salt Crystals and genuine energy crystals each are prime ingredients that will not only remove harsh energies, but also come packed with many other beneficial properties! Create an environment that attracts love, abundance, prosperity and joy!