Energy Healing Candles

EVERBELLA Candles are the light your dark spaces! Handcrafted using Sage and Palo Santos Oils, real Himalayan Salt Crystals and genuine energy crystals each prime ingredients will not only remove harsh energies, they also come packed with many other beneficial properties! Create the environment that attracts love, abundance, prosperity and joy!


Purity Chakra Candles

Created to Clear the Aura and Energies in your environment, mind and body. Use the colored Chakra Candles for heightened Meditations, Purification processes, and overall Spirit Elevation. White Chakra Candles are meant for Mental Energy boosts and to help Clear any harsh energies in your room, office or car.

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7 Chakra Candles

Realign your Energy Gateways with our 7 Chakra Candle Set! Each candle represents the specific gateway your body holds for your mind - body connection with spirit! Used in ancient times for healing your body of any ailments or imbalances which hinder you from working, thinking and seeing clearly!


Flavour of the Month

What better way to keep the mood in your environment by lighting a Sweet Smelling Candle! As we love switching things up once in a Blue Moon, we are featuring our favourite candle creations for only a limited amount of time while quantities last! Get your hands on these flavours before they are gone!